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The YP Publishing offers publishing and marketing support services to authors. You have your own story to tell, our mission is to help you get the message out there. We offer services that help authors engage their online community, create conversations and discussion online and in person.

Yvonne Wu, Award Winning Author’s Assistant

Authors ServicesYvonne Wu, provides services tailored to professional writers and authors. She has assisted authors with a wide variety of projects across North America, helping them with publishing and promoting their book. The 6th Annual Shorty Awards nominated The YP Publishing as #10 in the small business category of the Shorty Awards. Yvonne has been a Buffalo Books Examiner and has been interviewed on sites that discuss various aspects of the publishing industry. Yvonne is a writer and an award-winning author of a technology book for authors.

The YP Publishing provides author’s assistant support services and has been one of the top 10% most viewed @LinkedIn profiles.

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  • " We all have a few things that we’re either not good at or would rather not do that have to be done to help our business grow. I needed some help and I was lucky to find Yvonne.  With Yvonne’s help and expertise I have been able to execute all those projects that I knew were vital for the growth of my business.  Being able to off-load all the time-consuming, yet vital, projects to someone I trust has created more time on my calendar to do what I love. ”  
    Paul Houle, Speaker and Performer
  • “Yvonne is amazing! I had no clue where to start in setting up a virtual tour and Yvonne just handled everything! She booked reviews, interviews and guest article opportunities on sites around the world. Also during my virtual book tour I received many awards. The reviews during the virtual book tour have been fabulous, including a 5-star review from an amazon.com Top 10 Reviewer and a Readers Choice from Midwest Book Review and many others! Thank you for all your hard work in getting the contacts, laying the foundation and setting up the tour. I absolutely couldn’t have done what you did!!!!”  
    Paula Renaye, Award Winning Author, Relationship Expert and Coach
  • "I finished a one month book tour with The YP Publishing. She did such a great job on my book tour! I really, appreciate everything she has done! She is amazing, hard-working and very dedicated. Thank you so much!!"
    Author Leesa Rowland
    Leesa Rowland, Actress and Author
    Leesa Rowland, Actress and Author
  • "Thanks for all your help with the book…I couldn’t have done it without you! Yvonne assisted me with publishing and promoting my book."
    Suntia Smith
    Author, Licensed Clinical Social Worker Suntia Smith
  • "I finished a one month book tour with The YP Publishing. It was a very positive experience consisting of guest blog posts, interviews, and reviews. The reviews have been excellent and at the end of the tour I ended up with the opportunity to be on the cover of a very busy magazine."
    Zaheen Nanji
    Zaheen Nanji, Award Winning Author and Speaker

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The YP Publishing provides author services that include: book promotion, virtual events, publicity, publishing assistance, speaker services, professional websites and social media marketing.

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