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The What and the Why’s to Branding Yourself Online
May 19, 2014

Have you met those people who are well known and respected in their community? Everyone attends their events and seminars. Yet... Read More
Getting the Bounce Back into Your Website
April 28, 2014

You now have the Google tracking analytics code installed on your website and you are receiving your monthly reports in your... Read More
blog carnival
Blog Carnival: Authors and Writers Carnival April Edition
April 3, 2014

Authors and Writers Carnival is a monthly collection of blog posts submitted by our readers. Welcome to the April 4, 2014…

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E­Book Distribution what is in it for YOU?
March 25, 2014

It has become easier than ever for self-­published authors to be able to have their written work available for sale with... Read More
Reach for the Stars with Google Analytics
February 20, 2014

You have now fulfilled your dreams – you are a published author. It is time to get the word out there... Read More
The YP Publishing Chats With Author Bajeerao Patil
January 17, 2014

The Interview Tell me about yourself and your book? I have over 20 years work experience as an addiction counselor. I…

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The YP Publishing Chats With Daniel Friedmann
October 9, 2013

Daniel Friedmann is a student of the origin of the universe and life on earth both from the scientific and biblical... Read More
5 Mac Essential Resources for Authors
February 2, 2013

Current trends in the world market have opened doors for Authors of self-published books, thanks to the use of ereaders used... Read More
Facebook Applications for Authors and Speakers
January 3, 2013

Many people are finding that their profile page has become their website. Facebook applications enhance your profile experience. Applications allow more…

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Author Interview – Daniel Friedmann “The Genesis One Code”
December 5, 2012

Daniel Friedmann is the author of “The Genesis One Code.” Daniel shares with his readers the connection between God’s creation and…

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