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Welcome to the January 4, 2014 edition of writers and authors carnival.


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David Leonhardt presents Discovering Dan Brown’s Florence from his bestselling “Inferno” posted at World Vacations Travel Blog, saying, “Inferno, by Dan Brown is not only a great thriller to read, but an introduction to Florence for arm-chair travelers who want to taste the rich textures of central Italy.”



Sarah Haight presents Five reasons why you should build an email list posted at BeeLocal Media, saying, “We look at some of the reasons why creating and building an email list is important for publishers.”



Sarah Haight presents How to create a content plan that attracts new customers posted at BeeLocal Media, saying, “We look at how to creative a content plan.”

Christine Meunier presents A Blue Million Books: Featured Author: Christine Meunier posted at A Blue Million Books, saying, “Author Christine Meunier shares an excerpt from each of the first two novels in her newly released ‘Free Rein’ series.”



Kimberley Grabas presents To Blog Or Not To Blog: Is It Really Necessary? posted at Your Writer Platform, saying, ““There are millions of blogs out there. What’s the point of adding another to the mix? What are the chances that my blog will stand out from the hordes of others competing for the limited attention of readers?” Sound familiar? Many writers feel this way, but is it a sound argument? Go ahead and change “blog” to “book” and re-read the above three sentences. Uh-oh. See what happened there? You’ve just argued yourself out of a career in writing. 😉 So, let’s assume that if you feel your book has a chance of standing out, despite all those that came before, then so does your blog. But the bigger question that I think writers are really asking is this: will the results I receive from a blog be worth the time I put into it?”


Cherry Liu presents 30 Blogs to Follow if You’re Looking for Great Book Reviews posted at House Sitting Jobs, saying, “You can never judge a book by its cover, nor can you read the entire thing while loitering in the bookstore. It is frowned upon in most stores, and liable to get you ejected from some. However, ill-chosen books are likely to become nothing more than a door stop before being relegated to a box in the next available yard sale.”

JeanNicole Rivers presents Three Things To Know For Success At A Book Fair | JeanNicole Rivers posted at JeanNicole Rivers.

Ketul Kothari presents Why You Should Write Your Own Book posted at Despreneur, saying, “Grab a copy of my ebook: Follow me on Twitter @kkothari2”



Bryan Chau presents Fair Use Or Abuse – Copyright Edition For Indie Authors posted at Success Pen Pal, saying, “indie author, self-publishing, copyright, fair use, infringement, success, strategies, eBooks, etc.”



Yvonne Wu presents Bajeerao’s Struggle as a Writer posted at Self Help Collective Blog – What’s New | Share Your Stories | What’s Popular…, saying, “Bajeerao’s Struggle as a Writer”

Kevin Klehr presents Thoughts I had when I was Drunk! | kevinklehr posted at kevinklehr, saying, “I have a Dictaphone which I use to record ideas or dialogue for stories, which I use when I’m not at home. These are those ideas ‘that sounded good at the time’, but the next day it was more like ‘what was I thinking?!'”

Roger Hannigan Gilson presents Motel Party | Threadbare Travels posted at Threadbare Travels, saying, “One of my favorite posts…this one is fiction.”

Jason Hess presents Q&A with Terry M. Wildman, author of the First Nations Version of the Bible posted at eckSermonator.

emilynolin presents Coming Out Of The Closet (As A Writer) posted at emilynolin.

Christopher Willson presents There Should be Support Groups for This posted at I’ve Got Writer’s Blog!.

Christopher Willson presents Sometimes It’s Good to Write Bad posted at I’ve Got Writer’s Blog!.

Bryan Chau presents Putting The M.C. Hammer On Grammar posted at Success Pen Pal, saying, “grammar, writing, speaking, success, etc.”

The Blog Age presents Why Last Action Hero is Totally Awesome posted at, saying, “This is my write-up on why the film “Last Action Hero” is totally awesome.”

Kevin Klehr presents Americanisation or Americanization | kevinklehr posted at kevinklehr, saying, “The fun my American editor had with my Australian manuscript.”

Kevin Klehr presents Other People’s Versions | kevinklehr posted at kevinklehr, saying, “Realising that my version of my story played out differently in other people’s heads.”

Jon presents The Perfect Way To Fail posted at COMFORT PIT, saying, “An in-depth article on the perils of perfectionism and the advantages of embracing failure in our work. Psychology, philosophy and case studies of successful authors combined to enlighten us on the best and worst attitudes to adopt when it comes to approaching our work.”

JeanNicole Rivers presents Elements of a Character Study | JeanNicole Rivers posted at JeanNicole Rivers.

William presents Are You Afraid of Piracy? posted at Pinoy Blog Watch.

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