The YP Publishing Chats With Author Gahan Hanmer

Gahan Hanmer is the author of “The Kingdom on the Edge of Reality.” Gahan shares with his readers the story behind his writing. Gahan Hanmer was born into a family of actors and painters. As a youth, he received satisfaction and appreciation from the work he did on the stage, which began when he was eight years old. Under the guidance of his uncle actor Marlon Brando, Gahan developed his talent exclusively as a theater artist, working with many inspired teachers and directors. Gahan found...

The YP Publishing Chats With Author Zaheen Nanji

Zaheen Nanji is the author of “Attract Your Ideal Weight.” Zaheen shares with her readers the 8 Secrets of People Who Lose Weight and Keep It Off in her book Attract Your Ideal Weight. She owns Shanti Wellness and Laser Centre in Alberta, Canada and is the author of three books of which two are co-authored. Zaheen Nanji is a Resilience Champion, speaker and entrepreneur. She is a certified Health Coach with Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Zaheen hosted a radio show on blog talk radio...

Powerful Presentations for Speakers Keynote vs PowerPoint

Visuals help the audience retain information, help speakers stay on track with their content, and emphasize certain key points during the speaker’s presentation. PowerPoint should enhance the presentation and the words of the speaker should stay at the forefront. Presentations should not be so complex that they lose the audience. When deciding on whether to use Keynote or PowerPoint when designing your presentations consider the following: Both Keynote and PowerPoint provide opportunity for the slide to be changed to various sizes and they can be...

The Six S’s of a Sales Page

  As a freelance writer, putting together website sales copy can be an adventure. Listed below are the 6 essentials that you must provide in your sales page. Sassy Headline Your headline should stand out and be in a larger font. The headline should grab attention, interest your reader and pre-qualify your prospect. Subheadings that promise the reader a benefit. Place a subheading underneath your main heading Use subheadings in your copy to make the transition from one idea to the next. To make the...

6 Essential Mac Resources for Speakers

Billions of dollars are being spent on business meetings, events, and training worldwide. For many Speakers, the speech leads to other business. Having user friendly technology, being organized and on track, and not having to worry about the logistics and everything that is going on back home at the office ensures that the Speaker can deliver a great speech. There are a ton of Mac applications out there. There are advantages and disadvantages to all of them, so research carefully before purchasing. Listed below are...

8 Things To Do After Completing Your Blog Post

Listed below are 8 things you can do to promote your blog.   Make sure before you write your post you know who your target market is then create your posts to fit the needs of your target market; Keyword optimize your post using various keyword tools such as adwords; Syndicate your content on various syndication sites and membership sites; Shorten your post url; Post teasers on social media, other sites, and social media groups; on other blogs leaving your url address; Add your blog...

Alexa Traffic Rank – Our Global Rank, why is this important to Authors?

Have potential advertisers asked you about your Alexa Traffic Rank? Have you visited sites who claim in their advertising that they have 100,000 visitors per month? Alexa Traffic Rank is not determined solely on the traffic on your website. It takes into account the traffic to all sites and ranks sites relative to each other.  Changes in traffic to other sites affect your site’s rank. The global traffic rank is a measure of how a website is doing relative to all other sites on the web...

Speaker Development Do You Speak at Events for Free?

When you hire a speaker, you're hiring a subject matter expert. Most speakers have a particular speaking rate that they charge, depending on the event. Speakers may volunteer their services at local events, free events and for non-profits. Speakers who are new to the industry may volunteer their services because it gives them practice speaking in front of a crowd and a chance to make good connections. As a speaker who is volunteering their services make sure that you prepare a contract that indicates whether...

Self-Publishing With iBooks Author Tips

  Apple has reported that during their 3-week fiscal 2013 first quarter ending December 29, 2012, they sold over 22 Million iPads. The iPad user friendliness makes it a convenient transportable computer for children, teens, the disabled and the elderly.  As well, iPads are used as cameras, ereaders, interactive study guides for students and game consoles.  If you are looking to expand your readership of your published book by targeting iPad Users then iBooks Author is for you. iBooks Author supports interactive books. Movies can...

Winning the Popularity Contest. Google Page Rank

As an author or writer we want our content displayed on high traffic websites. To see your page rank or to determine which sites to approach for guest post opportunities, download your page rank Google toolbar. The page rank Google toolbar will tell you a site’s pagerank and alexa score. The Google PageRank runs from 0, the worst, to 10, the best. The algorithm includes many elements such as your traffic and keywords, but it is primarily made up of the number of inbound links...

The What and the Why’s to Branding Yourself Online

Have you met those people who are well known and respected in their community? Everyone attends their events and seminars. Yet once they leave their community or once they try to spread the word about their expertise to a new online market they find that no one has heard of them. They soon find that they need to start from the beginning. Branding yourself online and establishing expert status is based overwhelmingly on one factor – perception. Proclaiming yourself to be an expert is not...

Getting the Bounce Back into Your Website

You now have the Google tracking analytics code installed on your website and you are receiving your monthly reports in your inbox. What is bounce rate and why is it important? Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors that visit only one page. Single page visits in which the person left your site from the entrance landing page. Your bounce rate tells you whether visitors are having problems navigating through your site. There may be site design issues or usability issues. As well, your bounce...

Blog Carnival: Authors and Writers Carnival April Edition

Authors and Writers Carnival is a monthly collection of blog posts submitted by our readers. Welcome to the April 4, 2014 edition of writers and authors carnival. Thank you to all of the contributors.   Publishing Peter presents 30 Sites that Will Pay to Write for Them, Right Now. | writers global, they steal posted at writers global, they steal, saying, "These are great sites that you can submit to right now and receive payment."   Self-Publishing Ben Z presents Prepare your book for its...

E­Book Distribution what is in it for YOU?

It has become easier than ever for self-­published authors to be able to have their written work available for sale with online retailers globally. As an authors’ administrative professional, the common questions many authors have asked me when deciding whether to publish their eBook is “Will my book sell?, and What is in it for me?” iBookstore­ Apple retains 30% of all revenue from sales. iBooks only accepts books in EPUB format. Customers can access the iBooks Store from the iTunes Store on a Mac...

Reach for the Stars with Google Analytics

You have now fulfilled your dreams – you are a published author. It is time to get the word out there to an international online audience. It takes time to build relationships, learn your readers’ wants and needs, and develop a base of loyal fans. Understanding your potential readership is important when developing and maintaining your website. You want to know what marketing strategies are working and what strategies are not. Google analytics tells us the demographics and psychographics of who is visiting our site....

Blog Carnival: Authors and Writers Carnival July Edition

Authors and Writers Carnival is a monthly collection of blog posts submitted by our readers. You’re welcome to submit either a recent post or an older one. Our next Carnival is July 4th, 2014. Deadline for submission is June 30, 2014. Posts can be anything of interest to authors, publishers, editors and book cover designers. Topics may include writing, SEO, self-publishing, promotion, software how to's, technology, book reviews and graphic design relating to publishing and promoting a book. Submit your post here.

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