Website Media Kit


Package Price $500.00

Wishlist Website With Forum


Package Price $1000.00

Website with BuddyPress

Create an interactive community! Add BuddyPress. Community forums, groups and showcase members. Sell your products on your website.





Why WordPress? Social media integration, login and maintain your site anywhere without taking any specialized training. You can change the look of your website without purchasing a new website. Engage and communicate with your target market. A website that can be viewed on various mobile devices and is completely mobile friendly. Your website is your storefront and represents your brand. The media can access you, your readers can find out about your events, tours, leave comments and purchase your books. Search Engine Optimize your site to increase traffic.

Search Engine Optimized Website. Do you like what you see when you when you type keywords into Google that describe you or your book? We SEO your site so that you can be found and get the word out there. WordPress CMS design and structure is one of the quickest, easiest ways to improve your website SEO. Your site will be easy for the search engines to find and rank.


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