6 Essential Mac Resources for Speakers

Billions of dollars are being spent on business meetings, events, and training worldwide. For many Speakers, the speech leads to other business. Having user friendly technology, being organized and on track, and not having to worry about the logistics and everything that is going on back home at the office ensures that the Speaker can deliver a great speech.

There are a ton of Mac applications out there. There are advantages and disadvantages to all of them, so research carefully before purchasing. Listed below are recommended applications for Speakers who are Mac Users.

iCal is a very popular Mac scheduling program.
Many speakers synchronize other online calendar programs with iCal.

The Speakers need to use their calendar to hold dates, travel, project deadlines, and personal time deadlines. With iCal, you can create separate calendars — one for home, and another for business. You can also color code your appointments.

It helps if you can have access to your calendar while you travel. If you use iCloud, every iCal edit you make on your Mac automatically appears on your iPad and iPhone. As well, making changes on your iPhone will show in iCal.

MenuCalendarClock is an application created by Objectpark Software

that provides more effective communication for Mac Users.

This application can be viewed quickly on your menu bar. No longer do you have to open your calendar manually. To use this application you need to be an Apple’s iCal and Microsoft’s Entourage user.

Place your mouse over a highlighted day and a tooltip appears displaying that day’s events. If you actually click on a day, that day’s events and tasks are displayed at the bottom of the calendar display along with more detailed information, including colored boxes that represent each event’s category in your actual calendar—work, personal, etc.The calendar’s search field lets you quickly search for a particular event.

Best of all, MenuCalendarClock automatically checks your iCal or Entourage calendar for changes at an interval you determine: every 2, 20, or 60 minutes, or once per day. You can automatically import all of the birthday information from Address Book into an iCal calendar.

Call Recorder

is a Mac Application created by eCamm and is used with Skype. The advantage is that you can record audio telephone conversations. This can be used for audio interviews and video interviews. These interviews can be placed on your media page of your website. As well, you may wish to record calls that you can play back at a later date, or you may wish to use these recordings to create physical products, downloads, or upload these recordings onto Youtube.

Business Card Composer

The best way to be remembered as a Speaker is to have effective handouts. Your business card is the most basic type of handout that you can provide.

The application Business Card Composer

is created by BeLight Software. Have you ever been short handouts at an event that you are speaking at? The Speaker can create their business cards while traveling. These cards can be printed professionally or by using their printer.

Business Card Composer has more than 100 templates included, along with custom layout and design features. Select any record from your Address Book when you’re ready, pick your card stock, click print and your cards are ready for cutting.

Many Speakers use PowerPoint, a Microsoft Office Software, to make speaking presentations. Visuals help the audience retain information and also help Speakers stay on track with their content. The Mac application Keynote is very similar to PowerPoint and can be used during speaking presentations. Keynote can also be used as course material if the Speaker is a subject matter expert and has online courses. Keynote has an audio recording function and you can add music as background.

The Coding Monkeys

Many Speakers outsource editing and assistants to help manage [the back of delete this?] the office and assist them with marketing materials. The Coding Monkeys is an application created by SubEthaEdit Company. Having several people working on a document at the same time is feasible with SubEthaEdit 2.5. This application allows an unlimited number of participants to join a plain-text editing session over the Internet. Best of all, each person can edit the document simultaneously, and each person’s contributions are tracked in a different color. Everyone can see what others are doing.


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