Blogging for Smarties: Advertising Suggestions for Authors and Speakers

Advertising Suggestions for Authors and Speakers


Both Authors and Speakers currently sell such products on their website as books. Many times they also sell add-ons such as audio cd’s, journals, video dvd’s and more. Speakers are experts on a specific topic and are selling their services, access to membership sites, and training videos.

Many times both are currently selling passive income products on their site and are looking for more opportunities to build more traffic and add more passive income products on their website.  Having advertisers on your website can be an easy way to generate more income. Finding economical ways to advertise your business can also provide you with a fruitful return on investment.

How do I start?

blogging101Place advertise banners on your site. Let potential advertisers know that you want advertisers on your site by placing an “advertise with us” banner on your site. Put up house ads, affiliate banners, or partner ads so that you can encourage similar ads.

Keep the ads on your site specific to the theme of your site. If your target market is women business owners, make sure the ads interest women business owners; that the ads complement your mission statement; that the ads are attracting the right demographics.

Show your site stats. Monthly unique visitors and total number of impressions are important. Having such demographics as age, location, and sex is also useful.  You can get this information through polls or having google analytics placed on your site. From this you can create a report or place the information on your site for potential advertisers. If your monthly visitors are not yet a large audience, sell advertisers on the fact that you attract a specific niche and that you are different.

Draw traffic by participating in virtual book tours or product tours.  Becoming a reviewer or posting articles can be an effective and free way of not only advertising authors and other products but advertising your blog as well.  These tours use such advertising media as press releases, videos, and email campaigns. Your site is advertised on their website or tour page and benefits from traffic that visits that page. Your site will also be included in social media advertising and email marketing advertising of the tour.

Backlink to sites that complement your business. A great free way to build your rating on the web search engines which makes it easier for advertisers to find you. This is mutually beneficial for both sites because both sites draw new visitors who are interested in the same subject matter.

Why would you not want advertisers on your site? Some sites do not allow advertisers on their site because they feel that it makes their site to spammy or that it takes the visitor away from the content of their site.  But advertisements that cater to your sites demographics and are placed to enhance the look of the site or current product offering is always beneficial.

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