Paige wrote her first book, Starless Sky at age 15

and published it in January of 2010. Starless Sky was birthed during the time of grief and loss while Paige was in the 8th grade.Paige loves to know that she can speak words of life through writing that brings entertainment, escape, or healing to readers. She can write words that make readers cry, laugh, exclaim with excitement, or stay up all night wondering what happens in the end. Her sense of humor and from the heart personality shines through her writing. She was born in Michigan. Her compassion and sense of humor is in all of her writings. When Paige is not writing, she enjoys sports, dancing, singing, playing the piano, reading and attending her brother’s college football games. In addition, spending time with family, friends, and her dog, Tigger are important to her. She is also actively involved in her church and community. Visit Paige Agnew’s website

Yvonne Wu – What are the three words that describe Starless Sky?

Paige Agnew -Encouraging, Inspiring, Serious while Entertaining. Yvonne Wu -What makes Starless Sky unique?

Paige Agnew -How many times have you read a book or seen a movie where a character dies and you can’t help but bawl your eyes out?  (Never? Well then, may I recommend Nicolas Sparks?  Great writer, but grab a box of kleenex).  Because I have experienced my share of tears reading and watching movies, I wanted to write a story where I could tap into something as deep as death, but instead of leaving the reader in despair, I would portray hope.  This makes Starless Sky unique.

Yvonne Wu – What advice can you give to a teenager who is grieving?

Paige Agnew -Talk about your loss, write about it if you are not a talker, but get it out somehow. Share your feelings with someone who can help you and that is not always peers as their knowledge may be limited regardless of how mature or well meaning. Ask to speak with a counselor for additional support. Know that the stages of grief and loss are not really stages that happen in a specific order; know that you are not losing your mind. Healing takes time and it is a deliberate process. Healing does not truly happen just because you will it. Mostly, I am saying, do not go through it alone – let others help you – take some time to be alone if needed but balance it with self care and support. Learn more about Paige, download Paige’s podcast in iTunes   Listen to Paige Agnew’s Podcast live