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Peter presents 30 Sites that Will Pay to Write for Them, Right Now. | writers global, they steal posted at writers global, they steal, saying, “These are great sites that you can submit to right now and receive payment.”



Ben Z presents Prepare your book for its KDP Select free promotion days posted at ben zackheim, blog, saying, “Yup. Blog posts about Amazon KDP Select free promo days are as common as bad drivers on I84. But I want to do something a little different here. I want to lay out steps and include details about why they are important. I’ll also give you a basic overview of boosting posts on Facebook. These days it’s best to spend five bucks to get the word out.”

Iridology Blog presents Iridologist | The Eye Blue Print | My Infinite Iris Blog My Infinite Iris posted at My Infinite Iris, saying, “According to Iridology the iris of the eye is like a blueprint to the entire body. Iridologists believe that the eye is an intricate blueprint to a person’s inherent strengths and weaknesses. For those readers who are not aware of what Iridology is-it happens to be an alternative medical technique which utilizes the patterns, colors, and other characteristics of the iris to determine information about a patient’s systemic health.”

Iridology Blog presents Iridology | Techniques in Iris Analysis | Ellen Tart-Jensen My Infinite Iris posted at My Infinite Iris, saying, “World Renowned Iridologist and author of TECHNIQUES IN IRIS ANALYSIS , Ellen Tart-Jensen PH. D., D.Sc. CCII is currently being published by INIFINITE IRIS and hardcopies are available at INFINITE IRIS, is her new Iridology education company that will create a new platform from which Ellen will launch several new products that pertain to the subject of Iridology.”


Book Reviews

Kathleen Gage presents Are reviews all they are cracked up to be? posted at Power Up for Profits, saying, “Beyond the story are the sales. Most authors would love to support themselves with their writing. One of the best ways to generate interest, thus equating to sales, is with reviews, endorsements and testimonials. But does the opinion of someone else really matter? Absolutely.”

Marc Richmond Camero presents Book Review: Robert Galbraith’s The Cuckoo’s Calling posted at IchimonchiIchimonchi.

Simpsonsparadox presents The Wife, The Maid, and The Mistress | Simpson’s Paradox posted at Simpson’s Paradox.

Megan Foreman

presents Book Review: Me, Myself, and Bob: A True Story About God, Dreams, and Talking Vegetables posted at Surviving the Real World, saying, “This is a brilliant take on both traditional business and the unique challenges of running a Christian company.”


Darren Cronian presents How to find potential customers on Twitter posted at BeeLocal Media, saying, “If you’re looking to publish a book then these are some tips on how to find potential customers on social network, Twitter. The tips included I have used myself and they do work.”

ajit presents Online Writing Opportunities Review: 10 Huge Advantages of Writing For Yourself posted at Online Writing Opportunities Review.

Marc Richmond Camero presents How to Overcome Writer’s Block – Ichimonchi posted at IchimonchiIchimonchi.

Andre Cruz presents 5 Things A Writer Should Kill For posted at The Word.

Rom Jean presents XRS, Spoiled Dogs, Regalia Concepts posted at ROM JEAN | illustrator | writer | creator – Rom’s Sketch Blog.


Michelle Sweeney presents amazing love stories posted at Michelle Tupy – Ghostwriting – Social Media – Blog.

S Froetschel presents Rigid posted at Fear of Beauty, saying, “The advice and conclusion of this blog entry: Never, never let anyone restrict where you choose to direct your literary curiosity. (I’m new to submitting and have long subscribed to Authors Marketing Experts blog – please use if you think it’s relevant) and thank you! Susan”

Arthur Burlo presents Five Ways To Deal With Rejection And Use It To Achieve Your Goals posted at The Money Earning Sites Central, saying, “Hi, this article deals rejection taking a whole new and unexpected approach on the subject because it focuses on turning it into a lethal weapon both to enhance writing skills and boost the probability of success. Thanks for giving me a chance to submit this article, Arthur”

David Leonhardt presents How much should you plan your plot? posted at Always Write, saying, “Fiction writers need to plan their plots. They need to be organized. But should they also allow their characters and the plot to develop on their own?”

Stefanie presents All The Necessary Steps To Write A Book posted at The Write One Blog, saying, “This article provides all the necessary steps to write a book and bring your idea to fruition. Remove the guess work and learn the steps to write a book!”

David Trounce presents Best Article Writing Sites for Earning Money Online posted at Mallee Blue Media | Create Content that Converts, saying, “An updated list of reliable websites where you can pitch your article. Includes basic submission guidelines and pay out figures for each site.”

Holley Perry presents American Graffiti: Writing Prompt Boot Camp, Day 5 | Destino posted at Destino.

Holley Perry presents Bedtime Stories: The Cat Who Wore a Pot On Her Head.” posted at Destino.

Robin Leigh Morgan presents FIVE SENTENCE FICTION – Lucky posted at MY WRITING JOURNEYS, saying, “This is my Five Sentence Flash Fiction response to the prompt word of “LUCKY” which Lillie McFerrin gave us this specific week” Aneesha presents The blogger’s take | Aneesha Mourya posted at Aneesha Mourya.

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