I get you!

I have always loved being surrounded by creative individuals. My journey began with a passion for art, music, dance and writing. As a child I took dance lessons and journaling. Summers were spent attending art camps, music camps and nature camps. By the amount of reading I did, I guess I was a bookworm; endless hours were spent in libraries drawing and reading. I loved sharing stories, writing, getting audiences engaged and excited.

When it came time for college, I choose marketing. Later, I branched out and successfully completed the Author Assistant Certificate Program created by Jan King the author and publisher. Since many authors are also presenters, I also completed Authors Servicesthe Professional Virtual Speaker’s Assistant Program created by Jan King and Vickie Sullivan. I’ve since added to my knowledge by taking various desktop publishing courses and web design courses.

I established The YP Publishing marketing company in 2008. After graduation I had worked for a Religious Organization in which the owner was also an author/speaker. This person inspired me.

I feel blessed to be working with authors, performers and speakers.

5 Fun Facts About Author Assistant Yvonne Wu

  1. Yvonne loves the arts and has a commercial art background.
  2. Loves yoga, bike riding and horse back riding.
  3. Grew up in Toronto, Canada and she loves to travel.
  4. Is an avid reader and writer.
  5. Loves theatre, particularly musicals.
  6. Loves vanilla Frappuccino’s at Starbucks.