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Plan Your Website

Worksheet Included

Watch the videos and plan your website look and page content before creation using the Website Planning Worksheet.

WordPress Facts

Self-Hosted Website vs Free Hosting Platform

Understand the difference between and

Domain Name and Hosting

Domain Name Essentials and Hosting Tips

Learn how to choose a domain name and hosting. Learn how to setup your domain. Website

Learn how to set-up and use a FREE hosting platform

Complete the course with your own customized website published using a FREE hosting platform.

Learn the Admin Dashboard

Understand the Admin Dashboard

Create a menu, add Pages, add blog Posts, add users, social media icons and add images the right way.

Self-Hosted WordPress Website

Create your WordPress website on a self-hosted platform

Learn how to create your first self-hosted website using

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These classes are for and users

Website Planning Worksheet included

Learn why you should have a WordPress website, plan and create your first website. Learn what pages you need to effectively market your website.

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