Facebook Applications for Authors and Speakers

Many people are finding that their profile page has become their website. Facebook applications enhance your profile experience. Applications allow more room for graphics, pdf, audio, text wording, videos and so much more. This promotes their profile and builds business branding.

Social Media Support

Facebook developers make money off the advertising they generate. The more you use their applications, the easier it is for them to find advertisers. Some Facebook developers solely make apps to sell to companies. They need to have a sound knowledge of php. There are ads inside the app or shops included in some apps. To look at various Facebook applications go to https://www.facebook.com/appcenter/ .

I have put together a list of some of the coolest applications for Authors and Speakers. Slideshare is a business media site that allows you to have PowerPoint presentations or pdf on your Facebook Fan page. Your presentations can be shared globally – you can allow others to embed your presentations. These presentations can show pictures of you speaking, book events and testimonials. The presentation can be  about your products, your cause or services. The Slideshare community regularly comments and downloads content. Slideshare can be used to generate leads and share ideas.

Eventbrite is a San Francisco-based company founded by Silicon Valley veterans. Eventbrite is a great way to bring people together for an event and to sell tickets to speaking engagements or workshops. Eventbrite publishes an event page directly on Facebook with your event details and a link to buy tickets. Your event is promoted through your newsfeed on Facebook. 

Video is used to advertise your products and services and show your know-how. Info commercials are common. Videos are also commonly used for advertising or showing past events. The great thing about the video is that you can use embedded code that can be used on any website. You can share your videos with everyone.

Network blogs give the latest updates of your blog post that appears in your Facebook fanpage. You will be given your own page. You can register your blog. You can invite readers – or readers may choose – to follow your blog. Network blogs at times may advertise your blog with such headings as Top 5 blogs on Facebook. This advertising appears in the search engines.

Static Html Iframe box allows you to place html code into a box. This gives you additional useful links, graphics, placement of mailing list autoresponders and text. You can even name your page and add your book, payment information and contact details.

Author Marketing App allows you to add your book information, about the author information and events without any html skills. This information is then listed on your Facebook Page.

Goodreads app allows you to list  your favorite books. Your listing can be shared with your friends.

Social Tweet brings you the best of both worlds. It marries your Facebook and Twitter accounts. It also helps you to promote your business in Facebook with branded apps and bespoke Fan/Business Pages.

Yvonne Wu is a certified Professional Virtual Author’s Administrative Professional who helps authors spend more of their time doing what they do best-writing a great book.You have a story to tell.  Let’s get you out there to tell it!