How to Attend a Virtual Book Tour

Virtual Book Tours

Are you tired of packing, taking time off work and carrying boxes of books? Then a Virtual Book Tour may be for you.

Virtual Book Tours can be done with or as an alternative for live book events. A Virtual Book Tour is an advertisement of online book events.

Virtual Book Tours can increase your market share. Your book will be appearing all over the Internet without ever leaving your home and best bookof all your exposure is global.

The author stops at a given number of websites in a given amount of time, usually a month, the same as they would do at bookstores during a real world tour. At these stops, the author may be interviewed, may blog themselves, may answer questions from readers or get their book reviewed. The author may appear on radio shows or on podcasts who will read and recommends the book.

Now what! You need to line up interested bloggers, podcasters and website owners who would be willing to host you. The main thing you need to consider is do these blogs generate enough traffic. The audience needs to be interested in your topic. Remember to have a media kit available to show perspective bloggers and website owners.

Remember to make available for purchase through link backs to your book’s sales page on your website or through or (Barnes and Noble). Another hot tip, contests also attract listeners.

Many Authors that I have spoken with have told me that they like Virtual Book Tours because it is less expensive. Is is also longer lasting and they have no public speaking worries. Some Authors prefer Live Book Tours because they enjoy seeing the audience’s reaction. Which do you prefer Live Book Tours or Virtual Book Tours?

Let me help you with all of your important tasks. This would allow you to focus on the job that only an author can do, which is writing great books.