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Interview Q&A

1. Please tell us a little more about your job as an Author’s Assistant and The YP Publishing.

Author’s assistants have been around for well over 100 years. Successful authors have always relied on assistants to handle all the administrative and professional duties that they just don’t have time for. I have assisted authors with manuscript preparation, print coordination, publication and promotion of their books before and after they are published. I am there to assist authors with their books from start to finish.

2. Isn’t promoting a book still a challenge, particularly for a self-published Author?

Yes, marketing is a challenge to every author. Many aspiring authors think that if they can get a big publisher, they will get good promotion. This is no longer true and that is why an author’s assistant is greatly needed. The authors are responsible for the promotion of their books no matter whether they publish them traditionally or by themselves.

3. What services does your company offer Authors?

We offer such services as Manuscript Preparation, Printing Coordination & Distribution, Public Relations and Marketing the Authors book.

4. Why does an author need an author’s assistant?

The reasons why authors find an author’s assistant invaluable are as follows:

There is just too much work for the author to cope with.

An author’s assistant has special expertise.

There is a high learning curve for anyone who has never made a publishing journey.

There is synergy in a collaborative effort. An author’s assistant is there to help an author take each step forward after the manuscript is completed until the book is published and marketed. The author can’t find time and usually has no experience in doing the work after his or her manuscript has been finalized. After an author has set the timetable and the budget, the author’s assistant will take good care of all the rest and will give the author the confidence that he or she is heading in the right direction.

5. Who hires an Author’s Assistant?

Publishers, coaches, speakers, publicists, book consultants, published and self-published authors.

6. How is an author assistant different from a virtual assistant?

We are very much the same as far as we both work virtually from our own home offices, but the author’s assistant is specialized in working with writers and authors.

7. I see that you also provide services to speakers. Why does a speaker need a speaker assistant?

It is really hard to focus on everything that is going on back home in the office when you’re onsite trying to give a great speech. This is when hiring someone who is specialized in working with speakers is important.
Many authors are also speakers. I have expertise in both areas.