Winning the Popularity Contest. Google Page Rank

As an author or writer we want our content displayed on high traffic websites. To see your page rank or to determine which sites to approach for guest post opportunities, download your page rank Google toolbar.

The page rank Google toolbar will tell you a site’s pagerank and alexa score.

The Google PageRank runs from 0, the worst, to 10, the best. The algorithm includes many elements such as your traffic and keywords, but it is primarily made up of the number of inbound links to your site. It tells other sites on the web how popular you are.

“PageRank” is named after Google cofounder Larry Page.

A PageRank score is applied to a page, not a whole site, which means your web site will have a different PageRank  per page. PageRank helps to boost the organic search engine placement of your web site.

An inbound link from a highly ranked site will impact your own PageRank score. This, in turn, will increase the relevancy of your site, causing Google to place it higher in the results. As an author, that is why listing your site on high traffic writing or book sites is important.

The PageRank of all sites  can be viewed on the Google Toolbar. The Google Toolbar is a free plugin for the Internet Explorer. Embedded inside the Google Toolbar is the PageRank icon. To view the PageRank of any web site, simply go to their homepage and mouse-over the PageRank icon in the Google Toolbar. If no PageRank information is available, Google may not know about the page – this is often referred to as being “indexed by Google”. Indexing is simply storing your site’s pertinent information in a big database, so that it can be compared to other sites with similar data.

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