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“I do highly recommend this for someone who is wanting to start a blog, is new to blogging or is on Blogger and contemplating the switch to WordPress. I think this book is a great tool for newer bloggers.”



“This book is for authors or speakers who want to promote their book or business through blogging, but have no idea where to begin. I am not a WordPress user, so I can’t comment on the accuracy of the author’s advice on setting up a WordPress blog. But as an author and blogger, I agreed with Yvonne Wu’s advice on attracting readers, establishing a brand, providing good content, developing marketing strategies, and monetizing your blog. If you’re interested in podcasting, you’ll also find tips in this book. This is a basic manual that will help you get started in blogging (especially with WordPress). It explains many terms that non-bloggers may not know (such as RSS feeds) and, most importantly, proves the point that all speakers and authors need a blog or website to succeed in today’s digital world.”

Susan Heim, Author of Chicken Soup for the Soul

Blogging for Smarties is a fun read that has all the basics. It has everything you need to get started on blogging and building a following on line. The beauty is that it contains the all the most important plugin links and explains how they are used and why they’re important. The content is easy to read and the information is clear and easy to follow.

It’s great for the newbie and even have some cool tips for those that have been creating blogs for a while.”

Linda Hampton, Client Attraction Coach

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“Blogging for Smarties is an amazing tool for anyone involved in blogging. I have been blogging for years and still learned a lot of tricks from reading this book. I really appreciate that the book got right to the point. As a busy mom and author, I don’t want to waste time and the author certainly didn’t waste one sentence, but shared vital information throughout the book.

My only complaint is Blogging for Smarties wasn’t available when I started blogging, now I have to revamp my plan! I would recommend this book to anyone, but especially to those who are just getting started blogging. “

Cami Checketts, Author of Dead Running,

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“A fabulously simple, direct and easy-to-use WordPress tutorial and resource guide that demystifies widgets, plugins and other techno-terms to get you up and blogging fast!

I learned to use WordPress the way a lot of people do–trial and error. If I’d had this guide starting out, it would have saved me a lot of time and frustration. There’s tons of online stuff, of course–and I read a lot of it–but it’s a bit of this here and a little of that there. Most of it is written by techno-types that just don’t speak my language, and I found it too time consuming and frustrating to wade through and figure out, especially when I was just starting out.

That’s what makes this book so helpful–the simplicity. You get the plain-speak basics to get your blog up and running without overwhelming you with technical jargon or complicated details you don’t need.

The book is a short and concise resource guide that says it is geared toward authors and speakers (I’m both), but the information is applicable and helpful to anyone. If you’ve been wanting to start a blog and it just seemed to overwhelming, this is a fabulous place to start–and get it done.”

Paula Renaye, Award Winning Author and

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“I found this book quite an easy read without it being too simplistic. A blogging ‘newbie’ could easily follow the content. The links were a nice touch for alternate adult learning styles. I have used WordPress to blog, and still found several useful tips that I will be applying to my own blog.

I found myself asking a question that would be addressed in the next section. This increased my confidence that Yvonne had really put on the speaker/author’s hat and anticipated the questions we might have about launching or maintaining a blog.

The sections on making money from blogs and podcasting were nice additions.

The one question I had at the end of the book was, when could I take some time to implement what I had learned?”

Linda J Lord, Author and Presenter