The Six S’s of a Sales Page

As a freelance writer, putting together website sales copy can be an adventure. Listed below are the 6 essentials that you must provide in your sales page.

Sassy Headline

Your headline should stand out and be in a larger font.
The headline should grab attention, interest your reader and pre-qualify your prospect.
Subheadings that promise the reader a benefit.

Place a subheading underneath your main heading

Use subheadings in your copy to make the transition from one idea to the next. To make the reader want to continue reading, they must flow.  Subheadings are great for scrollers who can quickly see the product features and benefits. The Subheadings usually have check marks or bullets beside them. The features being a factual statement about the product and the benefits being what the prospect will get from this. How does it make them feel and what is in it for them?
Skepticism is erased with Testimonials

Back up your promises with testimonials. They provide proof that your product or service is a good resource.

Summarize by Handling Objections

Questions and answers are ideal for this. Figure out what is missing or what the common mistakes are and provide solutions. What you’re selling as a way to make sure those mistakes don’t happen in the future. This time, it’s different.
Spectacular close that provides the ideal solution

Don’t forget the call to action. Using graphics or large writing lets the reader know how they can purchase your product. Make it brief, and give an incentive to buy now, such as a lower price or bonuses that enhance the product.

Speaking Pictures or Video That Say A Thousand Words

Add a professional photograph of yourself or video that allows your prospect to make a connection with you and feel comfortable about their purchase decision.  Graphics can be used as purchase buttons, bullets and attention-getting images.

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