Self-Publishing With iBooks Author Tips

Apple has reported that during their 3-week fiscal 2013 first quarter ending December 29, 2012, they sold over 22 Million iPads.

The iPad user friendliness makes it a convenient transportable computer for children, teens, the disabled and the elderly.  As well, iPads are used as cameras, ereaders, interactive study guides for students and game consoles.  If you are looking to expand your readership of your published book by targeting iPad Users then iBooks Author is for you.

iBooks Author supports interactive books.

Movies can be embedded into your book. Movies are placed in .m4v containers, and audio files are placed in .m4p containers. Play and pause button can be displayed.

iBooks Author has a wide selection of templates.

The widgets allow you to add Keynote presentations with custom animations that are placed right inside your book. Other widgets include pop-overs, chapter reviews, slide navigation and optional self-playing presentations that further create an interactive experience for the user.

Note: You can only view your ebook when you are in iBooks Author with your iPad. Learn more here.

You can sell your book or offer, if you wish, a shorter version or preview version of your book for free.  Your present ebook needs to be converted to an iBooks Author-created book file on the iBookstore. Apple will take 30% commission and can refuse to sell your book.

Authors must enter a new version number when publishing an update to a book already available on the iBooks Store. This avoids duplication.

Yvonne Wu is an award winning author and certified Professional Virtual Author’s Assistant who helps authors spend more of their time doing what they do best – writing a great book. You have a story to tell.  Let’s get you out there to tell it!

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