With Amazon and Apple aggressively entering the ebook market, this has opened the distribution doors for self-publishers. In the past, self-publishers’ biggest obstacle was lack of distribution for their book.

The invention of the iPad and the Kindle Reader, with its easy to use screen, has attracted the young and old alike – such as baby boomers born 1946 up and the young generation z while the introduction of the iphone, Google android phone and iPod have attracted tech savvy generation x, the baby boomers, and generation y, born in the 1970’s.

What does this mean to authors? Well there is a huge population that buys gadgets that have portals onto ebook content. They are viewing these books on the go, on the subway, in restaurants, and when they are standing in line. The high definition screen and user friendly touch keyboard makes the iPad a must have.

There are multiple ebook formats – formats such as EPUB, PDF, RTF, PDB, WOBI, LRF and TXT – thoughts to consider when publishing your first ebook.

  • Prepare your ebook in doc format. Many ebook distribution stores will convert your book in multiple formats;
  • Potential distributers for your ebook are Stanza on the iphone and .Aldiko for google android phone;
  • When preparing your ebook for digital format to be displayed in e reader device the formatting must be simple: no tabs, no page numbers, no exotic fonts;

Your ebook can be sold on such ebook retailers as Lulu, Smashwords, BookGlutton, Kindle, iBookstore, and more;

  • Don’t forget to sell your ebook on your own website to avoid commission fees;
  • Advertise your book via social media;
  • Add a link to your book into your email signature;
  • Write articles about your book with a link to your book;
  • Send out press releases about your soon to be released book;
  • Create a video and distribute to online video directories.