Facebook has become a way to keep in touch with people you meet and may not see on a regular basis. Ten Top reasons to use Facebook are the following:

You can invite your friends to your business events you are holding or attending.
Once your friends are invited you can see who is attending your event.
You can stay in touch even after a networking event by using the Chat option.
Facebook is like a brochure, flyer or billboard. You can advertise your products or services and give your contact information.
Your followers can join your mailing list or purchase your products without visiting your website.
You can advertise and increase traffic to your blog, articles or website.
Bring increased traffic to your videos or use the video application to advertise your products/services on Facebook.
Using applications like polls promotes interactive communication among followers and other Facebook users.
Advertise your promotions.
Create or join groups that are in your chosen target market.

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