Author Leesa Rowland“I finished a one month book tour with The YP Publishing. She did such a great job on my book tour! I really, appreciate everything she has done! She is amazing, hard-working and very dedicated. Thank you so much!!”

Leesa Rowland, Actress and Author


We all have a few things that we’re either not good at or would rather not do that have to be biopaudone to help our business grow. I needed some help and I was lucky to find Yvonne.  With Yvonne’s help and expertise I have been able to execute all those projects that I knew were vital for the growth of my business.  Being able to off-load all the time-consuming, yet vital, projects to someone I trust has created more time on my calendar to do what I love.

Paul Houle, Speaker and Performer


“The journey was certainly a fabulous one. The process certainly helped me to make important decisions YvetteBetheltestimonialgoing forward regarding my brand and products. All of the reviews were very, very useful, I would like to thank Yvonne for all her work. One thing the process solidified for me is that there is a definite niche that my book appeals to – as with all other authors – and this process helped me to better define it.”

Thanks again for a professionally run campaign.

Yvette Bethel, Trainer, Speaker and Author


“I finished a one month book tour with The YP Publishing. It was a very positive experience Zaheenconsisting of guest blog posts, interviews, and reviews. The reviews have been excellent and at the end of the tour I ended up with the opportunity to be on the cover of a very busy magazine.”

Zaheen Nanji, Award Winning Author and Speaker

2014 Global eBook Award Bronze Medal Winner Book Attract Your Ideal Weight

2016 Global eBook Award Bronze Medal Winner Book Resilience Reflex

Amazon Bestselling Author 2016


“The marketing campaign spread the word about my book The Genesis One Code. I appeared on radio, newspaper and on international reviewer sites. Yvonne was available to answer all my questions. The reviews during the virtual book tour included a fantastic review from an Classic Reviewer.”

Daniel Friedmann, Award Winning Author and Speaker

2013 Readers’ Favorite Bronze Medal Winner * Finalist in the 2013 National Indie Excellence Awards


“Yvonne is amazing! I had no clue where to start in setting up a virtual tour and Yvonne just handled everything! She booked reviews, interviews and guest article opportunities on sites around the world. Also during my virtual book tour I received the following awards:

WINNER of the 2011 Global eBook Award for Nonfiction Self Help

paula2011 National Indie Excellence Finalist Award Winner

2011 Readers Favorite Finalist Award Winner

The reviews during the virtual book tour have been fabulous, including a 5-star review from an Top 10 Reviewer and a Readers Choice from Midwest Book Review and many others! Thank you for all your hard work in getting the contacts, laying the foundation and setting up the tour. I absolutely couldn’t have done what you did!!!!”

Paula Renaye, Award Winning Author, Relationship Expert and Coach


“As a result of working with Yvonne, I received helpful and inspiring reviews and words of wisdom from tour spots in the USA, Canada, Malaysia, India, and the Netherlands. I was able paigeto come in contact with people I would not have met otherwise.”

Author Paige Agnew

“This was my second time working with Yvonne, Yvonne has done more than just arranged the tour, she provided information and support that is not a normal part of her services. During my tour, I received a five star review at Readers Favorite Book Reviews.”

Author Paige Agnew


“Thanks for all your help with the book…I couldn’t have done it without you! Yvonne assisted me with publishing and promoting my book.”

full-resolution-suntia-greenville-shoot-2016-2263-editAuthor, Licensed Clinical Social Worker Suntia Smith


“Yvonne has done great work for me over the past couple of years. She has attention to detail. All of her work is completed on time. She has been the point person in lindah2implementing my social media strategies, and many of the day to day routine operations.

This has allowed me to spend my time creating new programs and services.”

Linda Hampton, Rockin Your Retirement  Coach


“I finished a one month virtual tour with The YP Publishing. It was a very dr.schubinerpositive experience consisting of guest blog posts, internet radio interviews, and reviews. Many of the hosts matched the subject matter of the book. She was also involved in the set-up of niche media sites and the creation of a media kit.”

Dr. Howard Schubiner, MD, Speaker and Author


VBTAuthorPhoto“I love the international exposure and individualized attention my book received.  I ‘ve been enjoying my virtual book tour and I appreciate all Yvonne’s good work.”

Author Gahan Hanmer, Actor and Author


“Yvonne, has been wonderful to work with during my virtual book tour. Your expertise and professionalism have kept me on track and on time. It has been a great deal of fun being a guest blogger, lindaphoto-200x300 being interviewed, and seeing how much people are enjoying the book. Thanks again.”

Linda J Lord, Speaker and Author



“Yvonne assisted me with the preparation of a book proposal. She is very professional, organized and pays attention to detail.”

Dr. Addie Alkhas MD, Speaker and Author