The 4 W’s of a Media Kit

Do you have a newsworthy story? Before you go out looking
for media exposure make sure that you have a media kit
available. Remember the media won’t wait until you’ve had
a chance to put this together, so if it isn’t completed beforehand,
they will go to the next story.

What is a media kit?

A media kit is a sales tool. A media kit, sometimes called a
press kit, is simply information put together that talks about
a business or product. A pre-packaged set of MediaKit2promotional
materials of a person, company, or organization distributed
to members of the media for promotional use. It contains all
the information in one place that a media representative will
need when preparing an interview or writing a story.

Where should I make my media kit available?

An online media kit allows the business owner international,
24 hour exposure. An Author should create a online media

kit for his or her book, whether this is a part of an existing

web site with a new domain name, or a special web site for the book.

Why do I need an online media kit?

The reasons are limitless. A media kit is your silent sales
person. Your media kit makes the media representative’s
job easier. This media person has access to important and
necessary information easily, all found in one place, without
them having to do any further research. You need a media
kit to insure that only serious prospects contact you. To eliminate
expensive printing and distribution tasks often associated
with traditional media kits.

You can direct your clients or prospective advertisers to review
your online media kit, which is always up-to-date and
you can include all support materials that are contained in
your printed kit. Your media kit supplies media personalities
with any and all information they will need to write a
story or conduct an interview about you and/or your book.
The media kit ensures that you and/or your book is presented
in the most professional manner possible. The goal
of a media kit is to grab the reader’s attention, make a lasting
impression and create enough interest that they will contact
you for more information.

Who views your media kit?

Journalists, advertisers, media representatives and other
businesses. Media kits are also used during product launches,
news conferences and at large events. Businesses, Authors,
Musicians and other Creative Individuals use media kits.

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