Video is a way to educate your audience more quickly about your services for less cost.  Video captures the attention of your chosen audience.  Search Engines love video, it’s faster to get indexed than article marketing and people just love watching videos. Videos generate traffic to your site therefore increase sales.

Some popular video sites are YouTube, Google, Yahoo, Social Media Sites.

How to use Video

Make your videos You can use a digital camera, video cameras, web-cams, cell-phones etc (anything that records video) Keep it under 100mb so you can upload it. You may also need video software to transfer your raw data to the right type of file.

Stay on Topic. Always put your web address in the video. Videos are just another form of marketing and communicating your value to your market. It’s no different than writing a sales letter on a website.

Provide product-related information to aid use of your product or service.

Offer Sponsorship. Sponsors who may have similar products or complimentary products may want to pay to advertise or for you to advertise them.

Connect with people internationally or customers living in remote locations.

Why Every Business should have a Video on there website

Have you ever been at an event and listened intently to someone speaking only to say to the person beside you what did he say? Have you been at a social gathering in which you only had a few moments to talk about yourself and your business only to hear your audience say “What did he say?” or “What does he do?”

With video there are no other distractions like there are in person. You can rewind and fast forward if you do not understand or you are interrupted. You can replay anytime and any hour of the day. You can even press stop!

Do you find yourself spending more time on the internet then you do watching TV? Video watchers are TV watchers. Pew Research Center reports that Online news consumption continues to grow, and substantial minorities of Americans are now taking advantage of specialized web-based and digital tools to get the news.

Videos can be viewed anywhere on phones and on your website. You can add your video as an attachment on your email. Videos can be watched on subways, walking your dog and during your lunch hour.

Videos increase traffic, is less costly then a TV advertisement and much like a sales page or a TV commercial it is a way for you to advertise your site.

Let me know how Video has worked for you!