The YP Publishing Chats With Author Leesa Rowland

Leesa Rowland is an actress and animal advocate who went from the family ranch in Texas to the bright lights in Hollywood and New York. After earning her broadcast journalism degree at Texas Tech, Leesa Author Leesa Rowlandwent to Los Angeles to study acting at the Stella Adler Studios. She has had a successful career in acting, and has a vast cult following for her roles predominantly in horror movies. She is primarily known for her role as Victoria in Troma Entertainment’s “Class of Nuke ‘Em High,” parts 2 and 3, Starz Channel’s “Return to Nuke ‘Em High” and as Phyllis in Travis Campbell’s thriller “Slaughter Daughter.”

Leesa Rowland has been interviewed on CBS We Are Austin; KEYE TV,  Arise Entertainment 360, and Wish TV.  She is a member of the International Women’s Writing Guild. Leesa has studied method acting, yoga, spirituality, charisma, Buddhism, and metaphysics for over twenty years.





Listen to Leesa Rowland’s live internet radio interview on January Jones Radio Show.

The Interview


Yvonne: “What inspired you to write the book?”

Leesa: “The “It Factor” started as a journal, I spent more than five years researching, writing and formatting the book.”

Yvonne: “What is Charisma?”

Leesa:”Charisma is that special and compelling spark within you that makes you who you are, different from the rest, with the ability to excite yourself and others.”

Yvonne: “Describe your book in 3 words.”

Leesa: “Inspirational



Yvonne: “How do you find your passion?”

Leesa:” If you want to excel in anything, you need to have a passion for it. Many people are on a path to discover their passion in life or their life’s mission. You need to identify your passion by exploring what engages your mind and spirit.”

Yvonne:”Why is meditation so important?”

Leesa: “Meditation can really help you connect to yourself. Meditation makes you gentle and calm. People who meditate are in a better position to resolve issues on their own. This will help you create a ring of positive energy that allows no negativity to enter. The “It Factor” is a combination of charisma, self-discipline, enlightenment, spirituality and karma.”

Yvonne: “How can we learn more about your book?”

Leesa: “You can contact me on my website

Discovering the It Factor within You is available at:

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