The YP Publishing Chats With Author Yvette Bethel

Yvette Bethel is a Fulbright scholar and author with more than 20 years of professional experience at a Fortune 500 company and 9 years as an independent consultant at Organizational Soul. She is an advanced Emotional Intelligence Practitioner within the Six Seconds network. Six Seconds is a global, non-profit organization with the sole YvetteBetheltestimonialpurpose of introducing emotional intelligence to the world. Using emotional intelligence coaching, EQ assessments, emotional intelligence training and other tools,Yvette helps organizations to transform their cultures by helping them to build productive work relationships.
Bethel is a member of the Special Olympics fundraising committee, freelance article writer and the author of E.Q. Librium: Unleash the Power of Your Emotional Intelligence; A Proven Path to Career Success, the award winning activity book, Getting to E.Q. Librium and the forthcoming book Interconnectivity, Flow and Balance: A Paradigm of Organizational Engagement. Bethel was a member of and volunteer with We the People. As a liaison between we the People and Six Seconds nonprofit organizations,she was one of the architects of a pilot that introduced emotional intelligence to public schools. The objective was to equip students with the tools they need to develop self-regulation skills in emotionally charged situations.

Listen to Yvette Bethel’s live internet radio interview on January Jones Radio Show.

The Interview

Yvonne Wu: “How did you get into being a consultant, trainer, and writer, and how much effort did it take?”

Yvette: “I am an organizational effectiveness consultant and when people ask me what this means I typically explain by saying I work on change projects from the perspectives of people, engagement and structure. My favorite projects focus on institutional strengthening, performance effectiveness, and organizational design. My primary aim is to help organizations to position themselves for growth while building employee engagement. I am so fortunate to have found what I love to do and every client provides me with infinite opportunities for new perspectives.”

Yvonne Wu: “Mentors involved in your writing process and how they helped with your development of your book.”

Yvette:” Dr. Lucille Richardson is an author and mentor who helped me to improve the E.Q. Librium manuscript with so many valuable suggestions. Thanks to Lucille for her honesty, insight, and dedication to the quality of E.Q. Librium.”        

Yvonne Wu: “The title of your book, what does it mean?”

Yvette: “E.Q. Librium: Unleash the Power of Your Emotional Intelligence; A Proven Path to Career Success. When I coined the term E.Q. Librium I wanted to convey the link between emotional intelligence and balance. So E.Q. represents your emotional quotient, and Librium is derived from the Latin word Libra, which means balance. I chose this term because persons with higher emotional quotients are better able to self-regulate, and the more employees who value emotional self-regulation the healthier the culture.”

Yvonne Wu: “With so many new business success books out there in the literary arena, what keeps you standing out from all the rest?”

Yvette: “This is such a true statement. There are many books about emotional intelligence, in fact I have a number of them. With this in mind, what I aimed to do is write a book that provides proven practical tools to help anyone who is committed to improving their emotional quotient in the context of the workplace. I also chose to differentiate myself further by creating the companion activity book, Getting to E.Q. Librium and The Games People Play at Work, an interactive learning solution.”

Yvonne Wu: “How can we learn more about your book?”

Yvette: “You can contact me on my website .

E.Q. Librium is available at:

Amazon and other retailers.”