The YP Publishing Chats With Green Business Author Jeff Julia

Jeff Julia: Subject matter expert, engineer and award winning author, answers 6 questions about the inspiration behind his new release “Navigating the Maze: of Energy Efficient Projects” is a guide to energy efficiency.

Jeff is the founder of Energy Project Advisors that serves as an objective advisory firm assessing the integrity and validity of energy saving projects for your home or business.

Yvonne Wu: “Thanks for this interview Jeff. Can we begin by having you tell us a little bit about yourself please?”

Jeff Julia: “I currently live in Austin, Texas. While earning my mechanical engineering degree at Northeastern University in Boston, MA, I developed a passion for energy efficiency. After graduating, I started developing my qualifications on the campuses of colleges and universities around New England. In 2015, I joined a financial technology company that connected more than 200 energy efficiency providers with financing lenders.”

YW: “Who should read this book?”

Jeff: “If you are an individual who is interested in performing energy efficiency upgrades to your home or business this book is for you. Throughout the book we follow Joe Stevenson on his journey trying to do just that by using energy efficiency as a strategy in his business. The book shows us how to avoid pitfalls and achieve success. The book establishes a framework for evaluating proposals enabling you to make wise investment decisions.”

YW: “Why did you write this book and what were some of your challenges when writing this book?”

Jeff: “I have met many individuals who did not understand or trust the energy efficiency audits and proposals they were shown. This book is the result of countless hours of learning, strategizing, writing, revising, proofreading, designing and publishing. I understand that energy efficiency is outside of most business professionals’ expertise, leaving them in the situation where they could be taken advantage of, so I decided that I wanted to change this.

The marketplace is glutted with energy saving products and proposals resulting in confusion and skepticism across the board.

I want to provide you with the tools and resources to avoid the negative consequences listed in the book. In addition, I’d like to answer the most important questions that are not so easily answered by a salesperson positioned to sell you an energy efficiency project. These questions require both industry expertise and an objective perspective.”

YW: “What does this book not cover?”

Jeff: “This book does not recommend or represent any service providers, equipment vendors or give legal advice.”

YW: “Can you tell us where we can find you and your book on the web?”

Jeff: “My book just won the 2017 Global Ebook Awards Silver Medal for Green Business. To purchase my book, one can go online to”